Local Government Energy Assurance Planning


American City & County on Energy Assurance Planning

These excellent articles on energy assurance planning appear on the American City & County website:

Energy Assurance Plans Help Keep the Lights On

In an emergency, will your government have the power it needs to provide the services you and your constituents count on?

Having Enough Energy to Continue

The definition of sustainability has grown to include the ability of cities and counties to sustain their operations following significant power failures. However, most emergency response plans do not include actions that specifically address energy disruptions.

Energy Assurance Planning Tips and Resources

These tips and resources from the U.S. Department of Energy and the Public Technology Institute can help communities be more prepared for power outages.

Energy Assurance for Municipalities

New Hampshire Town and City, October 2010

Energy assurance - as opposed to energy emergency response - is increasingly recognized not only as an important component of the nation’s energy emergency planning, but also as a more comprehensive approach intended to:

  • Reduce the likelihood of energy emergencies;
  • Reduce the potential severity and duration of energy emergencies; and
  • Increase the reliability of access to the energy that underlies every aspect of our lives and economy.


Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency & CHP (Combined Heat & Power)

U.S. Energy Information Administration

The Energy Information Administration provides weekly energy market updates and provides state profiles regarding energy providers and energy usage (coal, oil, electricity and natural gas).

Training Opportunities

The Workforce Development Plan encourages the training of staff new to energy assurance efforts. DOE/OE and PTI are currently developing training opportunities, including webinars.

It is also important for each city to determine whether city-level emergency management training is available. In the interim, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and DOE have several online training courses available at this link and this link.

Appropriate choices include:

  • Introduction to Incident Command System (Course Code: ICS 100.a)
  • National Response Framework, An Introduction (Course Code: IS-800.b)
  • National Infrastructure Protection Plan, An Introduction (Course Code: IS-860.a)
  • Emergency Support Function (ESF) # 12 - Energy (Course Code: IS-812)

NARUC Energy Assurance and Emergency Preparedness Tabletop Exercise

NARUC's Domestic Grants and Research department is using tabletop exercises as a new means of educating its members on the issues of energy assurance and emergency preparedness.

NARUC staff began using this educational format at the 2008 NARUC Annual Convention in New Orleans, LA and continues to utilize it at annual NARUC meetings, regional meetings, and with individual state commissions. Follow the links provided to access more information on these workshops and other important, relevant resources.

Resources from 2008 Annual Meeting

Resources from WSPSC 2009 Exercise

Conducting an Energy Emergency Tabletop Exercise in Your State: A Step By Step Guide

LEAP City Energy Assurance Planners:

These Powerpoint presentations include a mention of after-action reports that are required from the states after they conduct a tabletop exercise. Please note that LEAP cities may or may not have an after-action requirement in their scope of work. If you have any questions about this requirement for your particular city, please contact your NETL contracting officer.

The list of stakeholders listed in these presentations are referenced to support the referenced state exercises. A city's list of stakeholders will differ when conducting similar exercises.

If you have questions about tabletop exercises, list of possible stakeholders to include or planning an exercise, we encourage you to review the PTI guidelines or contact Ronda Mosley.

Out Cold in Erie: Ohio and Pennsylvania Energy Preparedness Exercise

Scenario PowerPoint

Scripts and Props

Video Resources

A Texas Energy Reliability Exercise

Scenario PowerPoint - Power Track

Scenario PowerPoint - Gas Track

Scripts and Props

Video Resources

Video Resources

Maine: All Wet in the Kennebec Watershed

Scenario PowerPoint

Scripts and Props

Video Resources

Michigan: Arc Light Exercise

0. Table of Contents

1. Exercise Design Guide

2. Awareness Training

3. Exercise Agenda

4. Exercise Participants

5. Exercise Coordinator Background

6. Exercise Inserts

7. Exercise Actions Taken

8. General Observation Notes

9. Lessons Learned

Video Resources