Local Government Energy Assurance Planning


Energy 101: Key Energy Concepts for Local Governments Webinar

This webinar provides an overview of energy resources and describes how various forms of energy are obtained, distributed and used within and outside jurisdictions.

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Smart Grid 101 Webinar

At this PTI and Department of Energy webinar, you'll learn about the role of the smart grid in energy assurance.

Learn how the smart grid can:

  • Communicate price variations directly to intelligent devices inside homes and businesses
  • Help educate consumers on the environmental impacts of their energy consumption
  • Pave the way for plug-in electric vehicles
  • Help utilities respond to electric outages and even implement self-healing systems that reroute power around trouble spots.

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Introduction to Energy Infrastructure Interdependencies Webinar

When developing energy assurance plans, local governments will want to identify energy interdependencies at the local, state, regional, and national levels and examine how they affect local critical infrastructure.

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Smart Grid and Cyber Security for Energy Assurance Webinar

Energy Assurance for state and local governments is a major element of improving the Nation's energy sector resiliency. It involves preparation and planning, mitigation and response, education and outreach.

As smart grid investments and initiatives increase, cyber security, which has always been a key component of energy assurance, will only become more crucial. Because smart grid relies on information communication, cyber vulnerabilities can equate to smart grid vulnerabilities, which in turn lead to vulnerabilities in the entire energy supply system.

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Local Government Guidelines for Working with the Media During an Energy Emergency - Webinar

Local governments play an important communications role during any emergency, and energy emergencies are no exception.

When energy delivery or availability is compromised, it is essential that the public be informed of the details and impact of the disruption.

Fostering a relationship with the media before, during, and after an energy emergency will help ensure that local governments can provide timely and accurate information about the emergency.

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